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Care management encompasses a variety of both clinical and practical tasks. Our highly trained and experienced staff work as a team providing a wide range of support. Each client has an assigned professional care manager who may delegate components of the work to administrative or other support staff, billed at a lower rate and thereby reducing costs to you.

Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Assessment:  Helping to identify or clarify needs, review options and services, and provide recommendations.

  • Educational Consult/Coaching: Providing information and evaluating options in long or short term planning.

  • Resource Identification:  Geriatric medical practitioners, elder law attorneys, home care and housekeeping services, housing, adult day care programs, skilled nursing facilities, specialized hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation programs, Medicaid managed long term care (MLTC) providers and more.

  • Planning:  Reviewing short and long term needs to best match your needs with appropriate and available resources.

  • Expediting Applications:  Rehabilitation and nursing home placement, housing, medical alert systems, Medigap and Medicare Part D insurance, Medicaid home care, disability, long term care insurance, payroll, and so forth.

  • Advocacy:  In medical and nursing facilities, with Social Security, Medicare, MLTC providers, secondary health insurance companies, Veterans Administration, long term care insurers, and others.

  • Crisis Intervention:  Coordination of emergency interventions such as hospital admissions, medical advocacy, identifying care giver supports.

  • Counseling:   Individual, family and caregiver groups.

  • Family Surrogate Services:  Home visits for periodic assessment, problem solving and emotional support; coordination of homecare arrangements, medical appointments, household cash and mail management, arranging travel; apartment retrofitting for safety and disability, repair, organization and clean up; pet care; relocation; closing an elder’s home, and the like.

Sherwood Associates, Inc. offers high quality services at reasonable and fair rates. Our professional expertise can maximize your options, save you money in the long run and enhance your well-being or that of your loved one. Care management is an investment that pays dividends now, and in the future.
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