WELCOME to Sherwood Associates, Inc., an eldercare planning and management company,. Our mission is to deliver personalized services which promote independence and enhance the quality of life of seniors and younger disabled individuals while supporting their families or guardians.

A Personal Note from the President’s corner,
The genesis of Sherwood Associates, Inc. reveals much about our mission and the passion behind it.

The call came unexpectedly one afternoon while I was at work.  Three months later, my mother was stabilized, but my husband and I were exhausted, behind in everything and amazed at the amount of time lost from work.  My husband and I were both experienced social workers yet the learning curve of this initial elder care crisis was steep for us.  How do others manage? we asked ourselves, and the idea of an eldercare planning and management company was born.

Over the next twenty years, we learned firsthand about the complexities of caregiving, including long distance caregiving as our four parents, each aging with a major malady, resided in two different states and wintered in two others.  From our parents and the hundreds of elders, families and guardians with whom we have had the privilege of working over the past 27 years, we and the Sherwood staff have learned a great deal about successful aging and how to avoid much misery.

We have seen many changes over the years but as we live longer and health care costs continue to rise, preserving and extending financial resources has become central for everyone regardless of means.  Our staff take the long look, assist in weighing the costs and benefits of different options and help you avoid costly pitfalls that are not always obvious.  Care management is an investment that is priceless in terms of your well-being and peace of mind.

By incorporating our personal and professional experiences of more than two decades of service, our team at Sherwood Associates Inc. has acquired a wealth of information, perspective and support to offer you.  Whether we are providing a one-hour consultation or stabilizing a complex crisis, we begin where you are and bring caring, compassion and creative problem solving to address the unique challenges your situation presents.

It would be our pleasure to be of service to you now and in the future. 

Diane Sherwood

Sherwood Associates, Inc.
228 West 260th Street, Riverdale, New York  10471
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